Who we are and what we do: Jugend am Werk

Jugend am Werk

JaW Wohnplatz GmbH

Lendplatz 35

8020 Graz


Managing Directors: Walerich Berger, Walter Ferk



Because everyone should get the chance in life, they are entitled to

JaW Wohnplatz GmbH as a subsidiary of Jugend am Werk Steiermark GmbH is a provider of social services in Styria. As a non-profit enterprise, we do not pursue profit motives. Success is to be measured by how satisfied those are who make use of our services and to what extent their life realities can be improved in terms of equal opportunities.


We seek to improve the lives of the people in their immediate environment and to assist them with relevant offers and services, especially in difficult phases of their lives. Together with our customers, we demonstrate new approaches, activate existing resources and develop opportunities while never losing track of the individuality of the people and their environments - with all their needs and desires: That is the attitude, which is also reflected in the work and actions of Jugend am Werk.



Young people in difficult situations

When things are no longer possible at home, young people need places where they are protected and accompanied. Places where they can grow and mature according to their potential. JaW Wohnplatz GmbH offers young people flats with mobile care. In the care they learn the practical life skills that are important for successful living and self-sufficiency.


Thanks to individual support, the young people succeed in developing new goals and mastering their everyday lives themselves. 


Young people can take advantage of different services, depending on their personal situation: 


>Supported living (MOB)

>Supported living in crisis situations (MOB crisis)

>Supported living group (MOB WG)

>Supported living for young parents/mothers (MOB-Fam).


They are accommodated in single flats or shared flats for 2 or 3 people. Residential offers are available in the districts of Weiz, Hartberg-Fürstenfeld, south-eastern Styria, Graz, Graz-Umgebung and Leibnitz. 


It's good to know, it's better to know how to. Our employees are as diverse as the organisation itself, and yet, they have much in common: They are well-trained and have a love for training and education, they enjoy what they are doing, they show respect and appreciation of others. Their high degree of professionalism and expertise is valued by both customers as well as contracting organisations.